We keep true to our commitment of bringing you the top quality products, and we take pride as well as full responsibility of manufacturing the said products absolutely in house without zero dependency to any other company.

To achieve our corporate goal of sharing the joy and happiness of becoming more beautiful through cosmetics with our users, we at Naris see it as our duty to maintain our high quality standard. Also, keeping true with our basic principle that we keeps faithfully since the day we’re established – to manufacture our products in house and produce goods with full guarantee– we have continued to produce variety of goods that is up to date with the latest trend with some of Japan’s top notch manufacturing facilities.

Ensuring safety along with result. At Naris we pride ourselves on our environmental awareness, cutting-edge facilities, and production technology.

In addition to our existing good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards for cosmetics, which allow us to maintain a hygienic environment capable of producing preservative-free, 100 percent natural products, our cutting-edge emulsification system enables safer, more effective product manufacturing. Naris Cosmetics has obtained ISO 14001 certification (assessment andand registration) for environmental management systems and has also obtained OHSAS 18001 (assessment and registration), a method of intrinsic safety management for the prevention of accidents. We manufacture products in production factories that employ a variety of management systems.

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