The standard of the quality of Naris has always been based on using the finest natural ingredients and that all these ingredients are safe and will perform as claimed.

Naris strictly pursues and maintains an attitude of the highest standard of customer safety and satisfaction in their products.

Naris maintains the highest standard of quality control. Our factory maintains the highest sanitary standard, and tests are performed at every step of the production process. Naris was a pioneer of a “fragrance free” standard to which we still strictly adhere. Other high Naris standards includes using all natural products as much as possible, no mineral oils, no tar-based colorings, and no animal testing. Naris products are only tested on human skin since it is intended for human use and many tests and patch tests are performed to insure safety.

Naris’ “kodawari”, an uncompromising and relentless devotion to a pursuit, when special consideration and attention is given to something, when a very high standard is set and compromise is unthinkable, is to produce products that will be gentle to the skin, will easily permeate into the skin, and perform as claimed. Another “kodawari” is to raise the standard as close as possible to achieving 100% purity of each ingredient.

Naris started research into natural ingredients before Cosmetic Associations recognized the importance. Naris was the first to look into the effect of free radicals to the aging process. As a result, developed Rose Extract and many other Naris exclusive ingredient discoveries. Naris continues to maintain the goal of a 99.9% purity standard.
Naris has a wide horizon of R&D resources, working in cooperation with other industry leaders, researchers and universities to refine the Naris product.

*Naris clinical results are based on actual results from researchers from Kobe University Medical Dept/ Kinki University/ Kanse Gakuin University

Naris’ Beauty Theory is “First remove the unnecessary, then deliver the necessary”. Based on this established beauty cosmetic theory, Naris has developed many exclusive new beauty techniques since 1932.

Another Naris “kodawari” is based on the “delivery” part of the beauty theory, to develop Naris exclusive emulsions such as nano-capsules that enable thorough permeation of crème lotions and cremes. Naris is able to achieve the very difficult process of actualizing the creation of products with increased results, where the product effectiveness increases exponentially more than just the sum of the combined ingredients.

Naris is pursuing a more excellent product by unlocking the workings of nature’s secrets.

Our research discovered that although an ingredient might have a singular purpose, when it is combined with other ingredients it can deliver other added benefits. Our focus is on unlocking the secrets of this type of effect when formulating our products. Our researchers are always discovering new ingredients.

Cape Gooseberry Extract: (used in Selgrace) found to promote regeneration of cells, blood circulation and delivery of nutrients.

Chestnut Rose Extract: Naris confirmed toxicity of acrolein and after extensive research, developed “chestnut rose extract” which protects and removes acrolein and the skin problems that arise. This is a world-first discovery and has a patent pending.

Sakura Extract: Sakura Extract increases beauty hormone production. When it permeates the skin estrogen as well as collagen and hyaluronic acid are produced, reducing skin aging and creating youthful skin.

White Flower Bean: High in Vitamin B complex, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other minerals. Prevents moisture loss and enhances production of Claudin and Tricellulin, important proteins that maintain barrier function.

Pomegranate Flower Extract: Activates Hyaluronic acid metabolism, important for skin moisture and enhances natural barrier function which can be degraded by aging, UV rays and other external factors.

Rose Extract: Free radicals (active oxygen) decreases firmness and elasticity in the skin and causes skin aging. Naris’ exclusive rose extract ingredient erases the effects of free radicals.


Tea Leaf












Coix Lacryma








Phellinus Linetus


Evening Primrose

Soy Bean



Black Carrot

White Strawberry

Yellow Himilayan Raspberry

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